You can be assured of years of enjoyment from every Crystal Designs by Sue piece that you purchase. I use only the finest quality components and all components are inspected before use.



For over a century, Swarovski has supplied the world with superior crystals that are enjoyed and admired by millions worldwide. Founded in the mid 1890’s, Daniel Swarovski invented a glass cutting machine and started the world’s first hydroelectric glass cutting factory. With this state of the art machinery, Swarovski was able to produce their crystals using precise optical techniques that no other competitor can duplicate even today. With their unique crystal cutting techniques and their patented machinery, Swarovski dominates the full lead crystal market with approximately 70% of the market share.

Swarovski offers a wide range of colors and special coatings to meet the needs of all occasions. Special coatings are bonded chemically to the outer surface of the beads for a more brilliant effect. Aurora Borealis, which gives off a rainbow-like effect, is one of the more popular coatings. Crystal Transmission, Volcano, Aurum, and Dorado are also popular special effect beads. The special effect and special coating of each bead is permanent. Austrian Swarovski crystal contains approximately 32% lead. Full lead crystal must contain above 30% lead oxide content in order to be considered full lead crystal.

Crystal Designs By Sue uses only Swarovski crystals in all our pieces.



Crystal Designs By Sue uses two different types of pearls in our pieces. The multicolored pearls are often Shell pearls while the solid colored pearls are Swarovski pearls.

What are Swarovski Pearls – How are Swarovski Pearls made?

The pearls in our Swarovski Jewelry are not genuine natural pearls, but, rather, simulated pearls, because we produce fashion jewelry. Crystal Pearls by Swarovski are pearls based on a crystal core. Their unparalleled harmonious and lustrous shimmer is achieved by using a unique coating technology developed by Swarovski. This is the first production method in the world, which combines the qualities of a perfect crystal core with the exquisite beauty of a pearl coating. The innovative technology by Swarovski gives the pearls a mysterious glow which appears to radiate from within the pearl itself. The surface finish of Crystal Pearls is absolutely flawless. Swarovski has re-introduced their lead crystal pearls back into the market.

Luster: The innovative coating technology developed by Swarovski ensures a perfect replica of the natural pearls and gives a glow which appears to radiate from within the pearl itself.

Surface: They have a smooth sensuous texture. Form & Color: The form is round and the color is consistent.

Perception: If you touch natural pearls they appear as relatively cold but then they slowly adapt to skin-warmth: Swarovski pearls offer the same adaptability to skin-warmth.

Weight: Appropriate to the moderate weight of natural pearls. The high specific weight of the crystal core affords the Swarovski Crystal Pearls the same moderate weight as cultured pearls.

Resistance: They are resistant to wear, perspiration, sunrays, scratches, perfumes and washing.
Caring for your Jewelry:

Store your pearl jewelry in its soft pouch or padded gift box separate from other jewelry to avoid scratches. An occasional buffing with a soft cloth will help maintain its original lustrous finish. Avoid exposing gold or rhodium plated metal parts to chemicals; reserve your jewelry as a finishing touch of your outfit, after using perfume or hair spray. We also recommend removing all jewelry before taking a bath in a swimming pool.

What is a shell pearl?

The shell pearl is laboratory made from the shell of an oyster. The process of making a shell pearl involves several different stages. The raw material for the base of the pearl is the sea shell, which is coated and polished to the final shape of the pearl. In order to produce a good quality pearl, a key ingredient is what we call a ‘mother of pearl bead’. This element adds weight, value and durability to the pearl.

In fact, the materials used in order to make shell pearls are the same materials from which cultured pearls are made.

Why shell pearls are a better choice?

There are a lot of reasons why many pearls lovers all over the world prefer buying shell pearls. The first one is their price. Wearing pearls is no longer the privilege of those of means, the shell pearl is an affordable product for every pocket. The range of prices varies of course, and some shell pearls are expensive as a result of their excellent quality, but comparatively speaking shell pearls are still much easier and cheaper to buy.

The second reason is the quality of the shell pearl. The rarity of the cultural pearl not only makes it expensive, but also makes it hard to find in perfect shape and size. The manual production of the shell pearl enables the manufacturer to determine the shape, size, and color of the pearl, thus making the final result seem perfect.

The modern technology of pearl production can also assure its durability. The shell pearl will always keep its shine and color. The pearl in its marketing form is a result of a long process of shaping and coating, and intensive quality control inspection.

Another reason for purchasing this product is the possibility of controlling its shape and color. This means the client is able to choose between different colors and shapes, and buy the one which suits his/her taste the best. This also means the manufacturer is able to offer a whole new world of colors and shapes, which are not to be found in cultured pearls or Swarovski pearls.


Semi-Precious Gemstones

Semi-precious gemstones with unusual cut, shape or color are what give Crystal Designs by Sue jewelry pieces that unique touch. I am always searching for the newest and most unusual gemstones to use in my jewelry designs. I only use gemstone suppliers that have consistent high quality products.

Gemstones are minerals that come from the earth, and as all earthly beings, are not without flaws. These slight imperfections are called inclusions and are not considered defects as they add to the charm and uniqueness of each piece.



We use only the finest Sterling Silver (92.5% pure silver) or Hill Tribe Silver (95% to 99%pure silver) for all our toggle clasps, lobster claw clasps, crimp tubes, ear wires and lever back earrings.


Beading Wire

Beading wire is important to the durability and look of our necklaces, bracelets and watches.       I use only professional beading wire which is 49 strands of stainless steel: seven bundles of seven strands each and nylon-coasted for flexibility and strength.